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Amp Up Your Business with Podcasting – Part 1: Podcaster's Toolkit

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

By Kay Cote

How to Get Started

Have you been exploring the idea of starting your own podcast but don't know where to begin? Podcasting is a powerful tool, not only for your internal confidence and self-development but also for your business.

Learning to podcast can help you persevere over fears of public speaking, help you develop and define your voice, and more. Finding your voice is something many of us see as a distant reality, but often don't know the steppingstones to get there.

I am a living testament to the power podcasting can have on your life. Because of this, I’m sharing the basics of starting your first podcast and how you can leverage it towards your business goals.

The truth is: anyone can start a podcast to help grow their business. You don't have to be a radio show host or public speaker to be a podcaster. If you have even an inkling or glimmer of passion for it, I highly recommend trying it out. With simple tips and tricks of the trade, you'll be on your way to starting your very own podcast.

The Podcaster's Toolkit:

You may be asking yourself if you must invest a ton of money into getting started, but I promise you don't have to. You can start lean and add on more as you go. I started with a laptop that I already had, recording videos using only the computer audio.

Over the last couple of years, I've added a few new pieces but still keep it pretty lean. I do want to have a recording studio one day – but for now I'm happy with the mobility I have for my show.


Here's my short-list to find what best works for you:

  • Hardware: Invest in a few good mics or find a podcasting studio to rent/use.

  • Recording Space: Another option would be to either rent or create a home studio space.

  • Computer: The next item is a computer: I like to record on my Mac Book.

  • Recording Location: If I'm preparing for an online audio recording, I inform my guest about what they'll need.

  • Recording Software: If you are planning to record your interview online, I like to use Zoom or other online conference call platforms.

  • Editing Software: When it comes to editing your content, Adobe Audition is a great professional platform for editing your podcast.

  • File Storage: I recommend using a platform like Dropbox, other cloud storage, or on an external hard drive.


Getting the Creative Juices Flowing

Coming up with content may seem daunting at first, but with a few key tips and tricks to get your creative juices flowing, you will have an abundance of ideas.

  • Carry a Notebook: Carry around a notebook with you to write down ideas, quotes, and other creative content

  • Talk About Your Podcast: Talk about your podcast when you can. Simply engaging in conversation about it will start generating ideas.

  • Take in Media: Read, watch other shows around your topic, listen to other podcasts, go to seminars and events. Taking in content helps spark new topic ideas for you to explore

  • Be Diligent in Creating: Set aside dedicated time to write. I write for an hour a day and even if the content isn't all used right away, it's the practice of writing that matters.

  • Remember to "Back Pocket" Ideas: Know that you can always store your ideas to be used strategically at other times. Sometimes the timing isn't right for something, but that doesn't mean you have to forget the idea altogether. Put it in your back pocket for later.


Have Creative Play!

Whether you have an idea burning through your skull, or you have an inkling of an idea you want to explore, have room for creative play.

  • Invite a friend to be part of the fun: When you're getting started, the idea of interviewing someone may seem scary. Practice interviewing friends to get comfortable talking into a mic and recording. It's always easier to strike up a conversation with people you know and trust.

  • Talk to Yourself…and Record it: Set up your mic, hit record and see what happens. Experiment with reading your favorite lyrics to a song, short story or poem. Get comfortable with speaking and hearing your own voice.

  • Guest Podcast on Other Podcasts: Before I had my own podcast, I was interviewed on other podcasts. It gives you hands-on experience to learn how to interview, be interviewed, and the overall flow of a podcast.

Closing Thoughts

If you have a fear that your idea isn't good enough, you're not alone. I'll admit, I was scared to make the ask. Yet I put my fears aside and went for it. You've got to start somewhere, and know that with every episode you record, the more you refine and define your process.

Putting yourself out there can be scary, and makes you feel vulnerable. Having vulnerability is what relates to people. It brings us back to our humanity and creates authentic relationships. It also opens new doors and builds relationships with both your guests and your audience.

Podcasting is an innovative way to grow your business platform. Each conversation sparks thoughts, movements and innovation.

To be totally transparent, I've grown as a person and learned something new for every single guest I've interviewed. It's a humbling and rewarding experience. Most importantly, podcasting is fun! I've loved the opportunity to learn and get to know my guests through podcasting. It's a great way to learn and grow in who you are.

Meet the Author

Kay Cote Kay Cote is a podcaster and digital content creator in collaboration with Forum Communications.

On her show, This Week in Wellness, Kay connects listeners to wellness events happening in and around the community. On her long-format podcast, The Wow Factor, she shares inspiration through interviews on how to tap into your God-given gifts and talents and live a life in alignment with them.

Kay is a fitness enthusiast and instructor at Fly Fitness in Downtown Fargo. You can tune in to her show on Spotify and view her event calendar and blog on

Kay has been featured in Fargo Monthly and has written for Design & Living Magazine, Midwest Nest Magazine, and Area Woman Magazine. She is also published in the Midwest Mediterranean Cookbook and helped co-design a cocktail, The Heart of Fargo, inspired by herbs from her mom's garden. The drink is served at Teddy's in Downtown Fargo. Kay also works with West Acres Mall on seasonal campaigns and marketing.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Petrus, and their cat, LizaJade. She also enjoys traveling, long runs, wine tasting, cooking, and attending community events.

CONNECT WITH ME: Like and follow on Instagram and Facebook at @fargofitfriend. Tune into The Wow Factor Podcast with Kay Cote on


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