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Do You A/B?

Do you A/B Test?

You may already know about this, but A/B testing has been around as long as people have been wearing shoes.

What Is A/B Testing?

Basically an A/B test means trying 2 things at once, but changing one variable to see which one gets better results

For instance:

  • Text (subject lines, casual or formal words, short or long sentences)

  • Hashtags (#industryKeywords, #dayoftheweek, #audience, #community, #Event)

  • Graphics (movie, gif, infographic, photo)

  • Time (A.M./PM, Day of the week)

  • Audience (community, list, group, tagged page)

Click to view the HOW To A/B test in infographics below!

Where Can You Try A/B Testing?

You can try out your new A/B testing skills:

Meet The Author

Sue from Skavlem Designs

When I make a design, I think – What can this do?

These designs don’t just exist. These designs DO. They work hard alongside you and your business. These designs are levers. They are sales. They are engaged customers. They are brand recognition that gets you that meeting.

Top 3 things I love to do: Read. Paint. Snowboard.

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