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Shifting Your Message to Meet Your Changing Audience

Shifting Your Message - By Sue Skavlem - Pictured stick shift graphic over the top of letters cut out of magazines
Did you know your customers can shift over time?



Maybe your target market grows older - or maybe you do. That means you need to learn to either speak a different language or find common ground.


You may not have an international business. But as the digital age expands our reach, the language shifts. Are you writing how you speak? Are you writing to a specific audience? Are you speaking their language?


Each generation values something different, if you're selling the same product or service to a different generation, are you showing how you align with their values? My dad always told me "It's not what you say, it's how you say it." This seems to be smarter the longer I live.

Skill Level

Maybe the skills you offer have grown so much, that you no longer know how to talk to someone who needs your services but doesn't understand the lingo.


Writing Checklist

  • Write to your younger self, who wanted to know everything

  • Start at the basics

  • Write to someone not in your field

  • Show and tell (without the lingo)

  • Find where the Value of your customers and your company or product overlap - write about that

  • Add in video or audio (scary, right? It's ok. It may just be what your next customer needs to get your message across.



Meet The Author

Sue Skavlem - Headshot - Skavlem Designs

Sue from Skavlem Designs

When I make a design, I think – What can this do?

These designs don’t just exist. These designs DO. They work hard alongside you and your business. These designs are levers. They are sales. They are engaged customers. They are brand recognition that gets you that meeting.

Top 3 things I love to do: Read. Paint. Snowboard.

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