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How Can Your Next Customer Find You?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

There are 3 ways you can help your customer find you online faster. 1.Content 2.Content 3.Content

1. Content: Photos

Take and post photos of your business online.

Some people are calling them optics. But there is so much text out there, that most users are skipping the words, and going right to the photos. If you don't have photos - it's almost like meeting a person without a face. People aren't sure what you look like, and may not have that connection to you. A picture IS still worth 1,000 words. And as no one has time to read 1,000 words talking about what your building looks like- post a photo - and make it a good one.

2. Content: Reviews

Request online reviews as soon as your job is done.

People may not have time to read 1,000 words of an email or brochure you send them, but they will search out and read review after review. Make sure to ask for them. It may seem weird at first, but reach out to every customer after you've done a great job for them, and give them a link to review you. There are many places you could ask for feedback. But I recommend creating a Google Business page.

3. Content: Price

List your prices or price range online.

Your next customer is probably doing a price-compare when searching for a product or service. From there, they look at photos and reviews. Your price may be more than your competitors, but what are people saying about it? How did it look? People are willing to pay a fair price for quality & doing business with someone who has a good reputation.

Putting your price online, or giving them a clear contact to get that pricing - sets you apart in the online world. Showing your business, products, and people through photos, and your reputation through reviews positions you as a trustworthy and approachable company people want to do business with.

Meet The Author

Sue from Skavlem Designs

When I make a design, I think – What can this do?

These designs don’t just exist. These designs DO. They work hard alongside you and your business. These designs are levers. They are sales. They are engaged customers. They are brand recognition that gets you that meeting.

Top 3 things I love to do: Read. Paint. Snowboard.

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