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Tapping Into Architecture Roots - A Logo Story

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Do you have a working logo that needs to be modernized?

That's exactly what James River Library Systems wanted.

They had a logo that worked well in the 90's and early 2000's but all the best brands evolve.

Starting with their mission statement, we worked together to create in their icon the idea that growth comes from knowledge.

Growth From Knowledge

Mid-design, the library leadership team was drawn to the logo mockup with 3 stalks of wheat growing from an open book. The open book represented open access to knowledge, and open pages echo the shape of a valley, and with its blue pages flowing like a river would solidify the name "James River Valley" nicely.

The moment they sent me the photo of the stained glass window in their library (A gorgeous architecture feature, BTW) and told me they'd like to include that in the "growth" aspect of the logo, it felt like all the pieces we needed were on the board.

I KNEW we had a winner.

Incorporating the stained glass flower was the crowning piece to the open book, and the logo was not only modernized but filled with meaning, while rooted in their history.

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